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A Day in the Life of Ewa

Meet Ewa, and find out what it's like to be an Account Manager here at Animade.

1. What does your role as an Account Manager entail?

On a day-to-day basis, I take care of new business enquiries. It’s fun as I get to put my detective hat on and my investigative nature comes into play when learning about new clients and their project needs. I’m the first point of contact from Animade and when working with partners I stay close to the project, ensuring the client's ambitions are realised whilst the production and creative team work their magic!

A big part of our role as account managers is establishing ongoing relationships with our clients. We stay in touch with our partners and wrap each project with a retro and celebratory drinks when we can! Retros are a great opportunity to hear feedback and take learnings on board. All in all, account managers are involved in a whole client-studio cycle. Keeping in touch is mostly remote these days, but we do love meeting our clients in real life and can’t wait to do so again!

2. What does a typical day look like for you?

Every day is different! At the moment, our studio is operating in a hybrid way and we’ve been so lucky to be able to adjust to this new reality. Since working from home, I take my dogs on a walk, followed by a nice stretch and some meditation. I then check emails, Slack messages and review the calendar to make sure I’m prepared for the day.

Usually, I reach out to new business enquiries, hop on calls to discuss projects with clients, and have catch-ups with our creatives and producers for the live projects I’m currently looking after. Before finishing for the day, I make sure I am always prepared for the next day and end the day with a bye (if not in real life), with fun GIFs on our Slack channel.

3. What are the most exciting aspects of your role?

I love staying in touch with our clients as well as learning about the new creative briefs. Seeing the design and animation come to life is magical! It’s always exciting to reach out to new clients and deliver creative talks to them alongside my team. I appreciate the care and attention we put into our process and business strategy. I get quite nerdy and excited when it comes to improving processes! We truly do learn everyday and this is something I love about Animade. We stay focused on details whilst equally always seeing the bigger picture.

4. How did you get into this field?

I’ve loved illustrating since I can remember and as soon as I saw Animade was looking for an Account Manager, I knew it was the perfect role for me!

I hadn’t worked in the creative industry before, I was a girl from Eastern Europe living back in Krakow, miles away from the UK.

Thinking about this now makes me quite emotional as my vision has been exceeded by the reality of working here, and that’s such a beautiful thing. I love applying my business skills, some years of AM experience, and true passion for creativity every day in everything I do here at Animade. Dreams really do come true.

5. What do you like most about working in the creative industry?

The people, our studio, our creative partners, and wonderful clients. Every single person makes up for who we are and what we strive to be in the future. I’m so lucky to be working closely with people who inspire me everyday. As a studio, we stay curious and passionate about what we do and our community is supported through openness, honesty, and friendliness. I love that our team is encouraged to explore new ways of doing things through play. Innovation plays a big part in our company culture, and we take the time to remind ourselves of this - ensuring our team keeps driving their craft forward. We love getting involved in goodness projects where we are able to create something beautiful with the charities and organisations we support. Also, the coffee in the studio is great too - how can I forget this?!

6. What is your most memorable project and why?

We’ve got a beautiful relationship with the Google Brand Studio team here in London and one of my favourite projects involved creating a set of animations celebrating 100 years of Bauhaus. We got to collaborate with the Google Brand Studio and Google Arts & Culture teams and it was so much fun! We designed and animated a series of Bauhaus Everywhere films showing how the art movement has influenced everyday life for 100 years. I enjoyed getting to know the client and throughout the project, we became one team creating something special together. We also created a launch film, a sizzle for Instagram Stories, and social-ready stills. Some of our designs were also adapted to decorate the Babette Studio in Berlin which held the event celebrating Bauhaus’s anniversary.

7. What advice would you give to someone who wants to go into Account Management within the Animation industry?

Always stay curious. The animation industry is constantly evolving and it’s connected to everything around us. Continue to educate yourself about what’s happening in the creative and business world. Embrace and enjoy connecting with people. And when you do, always do it in a kind and honest way. As an account manager, I connect with new people every day. Recently, it’s mostly through our awesome clients who introduce us to others, also, I cannot forget the magic of LinkedIn. Since I started working at Animade, work doesn't really feel like a job anymore. So, all in all, get to know the brands, learn about the agencies, and most importantly, appreciate the artists.

8. What has been a highlight working at Animade?

I’m part of a team that knows the real me and appreciates the person I am. They also love my dog, which is amazing! They did an illustration of him for my birthday, and each person drew their own version of him and it made me cry. I’m always being listened to and encouraged to voice my point of view. I laugh every day. And I get to collaborate with great clients. In short, everyday is a highlight at Animade.

9. Lastly, can you sum up working for Animade in three words?

Best job ever!

Written by Ewa Sarnowska, Account Manager.

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