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Introducing the Animade Grant!

Making work to call your own is hard, especially at the beginning of your creative journey. We created the Animade Grant to make it a little easier.

With this grant, we want to offer a helping hand to animators and illustrators in the early stages of their career, who are from underrepresented groups in the field.

So what is it?

A cash grant of £2500, plus up to £1000 worth of vouchers to support your project or creative development. Alongside this, we’re offering monthly one-to-one meetings with our experienced creatives over three months, to help progress your idea.

We want this to work for you. That’s why we’re not expecting projects to be completed using the grant, and you don’t need to give us a final report (but we hope you’ll keep in touch!). We will also work to make sure the grant doesn't disrupt any other payments you may be receiving, such as Universal Credit.

How does it work?

You bring your creative idea (it doesn't need to be very developed—just something you’re passionate about making!) We'll review it on its core concept before selecting a shortlist of 10 people to speak to, so we can find out if Animade can offer the right support for them, and ask more about what they'd plan to do if they got the grant.

What do you mean by ‘underrepresented’?

We’re looking to support voices that, historically, have been underrepresented in the field of animation and illustration. So the Animade Grant is open to creatives whose identities intersect with being:

  • A person of colour

  • Disabled

  • Non-binary or trans

We don’t believe this is a complete description of voices who have been underrepresented, but this is where the Animade Grant starts. On the application form, we won’t be asking you to share any information about yourself. We will however ask if you understand our definition of ‘historically underrepresented’, and if you identify as such.

Who's it for?

To apply, you’ll need to:

  • Identify as being from an underrepresented group (see above)

  • Be over the age of 18 by 1st November 2022—please note there’s no upper limit on age

  • Live in the UK and have a UK bank account

  • Have the right to work in the UK

  • Have less than 4 years’ professional experience working creatively in the industry

  • Not be in full-time education (school, college, university or equivalent)

This grant isn’t open to anyone who works for Animade or has a partner or close relative who does.

The full terms and conditions are at the bottom of this page; if you’re not sure, drop us an email and we’ll be glad to help.

Great, this sounds like me! What do I need to do?

Applications open on Monday 5th September, so pop back here then to apply! If you’d like to be reminded on the day, join our mailing list (scroll to the bottom of the page and pop your email in the bar).

All you'll have to do is send us:

  • Either a 500 word (or less) summary of your idea

  • Or a 3 minute recording of you explaining your project

  • With both of these, you’re also welcome to submit up to three images or GIFs

As a small team, please bear in mind that we’ll only be able to read the first 500 words/listen to the first 3 minutes.

Each person is only eligible to apply once, so make sure you pick your favourite idea!

Whether it’s something new or a project you’ve been dreaming up for a while, we can’t wait to see your exciting plans!

What happens next?

We’ll review every application and contact everyone by the end of October.

We’ll be chatting to the people whose ideas we’ve shortlisted in the first week of November and, by the end of the month, we’ll have let the person who we’re awarding the grant know.

Who are Animade?

We’re a studio that helps brands and agencies embrace the power of character in animation and design. We’re all about bringing emotion and personality to our work—it's something we hold close to our hearts. Sharing our passion for what we do is just one of the reasons we’re so excited about working with you! Find out more about us.

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