Ready Steady Bang

We made a mini-series of games for iOS and Android, starring one tiny cowboy and his trusty hobby horse.

Based on the classic shoot-outs of the Old West, the first game in our series, Ready Steady Bang, asked players to get their fingers at the ready and play face-to-face with a friend or pit their trigger finger against ten of the fastest outlaws in town. For the sequel, we followed up with Ready Steady Play which expands on the original, with five rootin’, tootin’ mini games in one. Just as easy to learn, just as hard to master!

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Embracing a greyscale gameplay look, we loved our little cowboy so much we made two short films to accompany both games. For Ready Steady Bang, More Than Just A Hobby is an emotional tale of friendship between the cowboy and his horse, getting a sought-after Vimeo Staff Pick. For Ready Steady Play, Queue The Cowboy takes us back to the beginning of our pint-sized protagonist’s journey in the company of a friendly wolf and an ill-fated rattlesnake.

Ready Steady Bang attracted one and a half million downloads from the App Store when it launched, and Ready Steady Play received equally warm praise, being profiled by several of our favourite online platforms. We also celebrated its release with a launch party and invited everyone to try out the games with a beer or two.

The game’s slick monotone aesthetic, its mordant sense of wit, and its air of cool simplicity made it a dapper interloper on the App store.

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