Celebrating 90 years of play with LEGO

It’s not often you get the chance to help one of the world’s best-loved brands celebrate its 90th birthday. To mark this massive milestone, we once again teamed up with Highly Unlikely to build excitement through a global campaign.

LEGO reminds us all of the joy of playing. We wanted to draw on that amazing legacy by filling every image with personality; thoughtful touches like the pirate’s devilish grin and an adorable pineapple echo the power of imagination and add magic to familiar favourites.

Lego 90 Image 01
Lego 90 Image 02

Animating LEGO is a bit like playing with it; the bricks are limited but the possibilities are endless. We digitally created each piece of the sets in 3D—there’s no stop-motion at work here!

Lego 90 Image 03

Whether it’s an ingenious transformation, or simply a satisfying ‘click’, every second of footage reminds the audience of what makes LEGO so special.

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It was an easy call for us to present Animade to the LEGO Group as our animation choice on this project. We've worked together before, so we know their attention to detail and approach to account management is top-tier—making the whole process easier and more enjoyable!

Alexander Davis, Highly Unlikely


3D Model processing, Rigging, Animation production, Compositing & editing, Render & delivery, Creative direction, Art direction, Project leadership, Production and Account services


6 x animations, 6 x cut-down animations and 3 x ‘tap to play’ Instagram Stories



Executive Creative Director

Ed Barrett

Creative Director

Mike Davies

Art Director

Jim Billy Wheeler

Creative Lead

Dev Joshi

Senior Producer

Flo Layer

Production Support

Sophie Neophytou, Joe Murphy

Client Services

Jenna Kirby

Storyboards & animatics

Dev Joshi, Eilidh Reid

3D Animation

Robert Duncan, Theresa Haas, Milo Targett, Ricard Badia, Russ Etheridge

Render & delivery

Eleanor Ngai, Jan Oberholzer, Ryan Brotherston, Victoria Darriba Rios, Bekki Leahy

Highly Unlikely

Executive Producer

Alexander Davies

LEGO Group

Senior Producer

Holly Edwards

Creative Leads

Heidi Bennett, Mads Bo Pedersen


Sound Design

Box of Toys Audio

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