A makeover for a legendary bear

Pudsey Bear is a national treasure. For 37 years, he’s been the much loved mascot of BBC Children in Need, which has raised more than £1.2bn for children and young people across the UK.

Pudsey Insitu 04
Pudsey Insitu 03

When Wolff Olins asked us to refresh Pudsey’s design, we were excited to harness the power of character for a huge brand and an amazing cause.

Our designers tested Pudsey out in different shapes, sizes and clothes. Working with a popular heritage character is about striking the right balance. We wanted a new generation to connect with him, while continuing to build on the affection millions have had for Pudsey over the last three decades.

Pudsey Sketches 01
Pudsey Sketches 02

We set out to evolve Pudsey, not change him completely. After all, the key to the mascot’s success is his broad appeal—both to the children he helps and the adults who support and donate to BBC Children in Need.

Pudsey Sketches 05

Once we were sure we’d got him just right, we gave him a clean silhouette, open, approachable poses and a lovely glint in his eye. To add the finishing touch, we used gradients to add volume and all-important squeezability. Pudsey’s expressive character and poses suit various media, from logos to social avatars. We wanted to bring him to life through animation in a new and exciting way—but one that made sure he was still the Pudsey we know and love.

Pudsey Bear Waving
Pudsey Bear Jump For Joy

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