Why Animade?

We believe in the power of character. Our designs and animations are packed with personality and thoughtful moments that leave a lasting impression. We bring this attention to detail to every project.

Since 2011, we are a tight knit team of designers, animators and organisers united by a common purpose: to make the world a bit more characterful.

The best work is made when we become an extension of your team – collaboration is king. We know that when we bring together your experience of your brand and our expertise in animation and design, we can take your project wherever you need it to go.

Get in touch with Jen (Co-Founder + Managing Director), Tom or Ed (Co-Founders + Executive Creative Directors). We'd love to hear from you!


Design + illustration

Concepting + development

2D animation

3D animation / CGI

Hand drawn animation

Interactive + AR + games

Storyboarding + animatics

Branding + design systems

Motion guidelines

Sound design + music + VO

Script writing support

Creative workshops + talks

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