Wanders plugs into exactly what Animade believes at its core: sharing the joy of motion and character. We wanted to set a fun challenge for the community that involved a simple walk cycle. This was the basis of our idea—for us, the challenge was making it accessible for as many people as possible.

The answer came in the form of an eight-frame printable template, preloaded with a pair of wandering legs and a bouncing body. To take part, all you had to do was print it out, get creative (we saw everything from abstract crayon to full model-making and photography), and send us your Wander.


We're already talking about how we can take this idea further, and bring more people along with us. Keep your eyes peeled for Animade Frames, an animation toy based on the Wanders format!

What started out as a conversation has turned into something with exciting potential to keep making the world a bit more characterful, so stay tuned for more.

Listen to Tom and Ed (co-founders and ECDs) talking about the project when we let them loose with a recording device!

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