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Creative Collaboration with Animade

Realising an idea can be a complex process. We take pride in making it easy—and joyful. Whether it’s animation or illustration, from concepting to the finishing touches, realising an idea can be a complex process. At Animade, we take pride in making it all easy—and joyful.

1 Kick Off

“Working with Animade was an absolute dream—it genuinely felt like they were part of our internal team. The speed at which they understood our brand, their level of openness and flexibility with feedback and the laughs we had on this project made for the perfect collaboration. Oh, and the work was sublime—but that’s a given with Animade.” Derek + Phil, Wise

We believe that creative collaboration is key to the most inspiring, engaging and thought-provoking work. To ensure every project sparks a special magic, we build bespoke, meaningful relationships with our partners with an emphasis on becoming a seamless extension of any team. If you’re interested in working with us, or are just curious about the production process, here's a guide for what a collaboration with us might look like.


Global campaigns, exciting rebrands, cheeky stickers for social media—they all need to start somewhere. Cue the Kick-off, a meeting to set everyone up for success! Here, your dedicated team of Creative, Art and Animation Directors, Account Managers, Producers and Creatives will hear directly from you what your hopes and dreams are for the project. We’ll guide you through the personalised process we’d suggest for your unique goals, and ensure every step is shaped around your needs.

2 Design

Style Development & Design

Whether it’s devising confident original creative, or using specialist skills to pull from style guides and existing inspiration, our team will now build the visual language for your project. Representation, diversity and research are hugely important to us, and we want your project to resonate with the widest audience possible. Check out our collaboration with Samsung for more on how our deep-dive into the Gen-Z audience helped shape the look of a vibrant and inclusive campaign.

3 Storyboard

Storyboarding & Animatic

If your project is illustration work, we’ll skip straight on to Production, but if your piece features animation, this is next up. Together with you, we’ll plot out the action in your piece, creating the step-by-step guide for animation. We can devise brilliant and varied storyboards using an existing script, write a new script from your brief, or pick up storyboards or animatics you already have cooking!


Whether it's imbuing the magic of motion or refining stunning designs, it’s time for our creative team to really get stuck in. In this joyful phase, the design and story framework that we’ve created with you is evolved through close collaboration and Animade’s signature Shared Creative Decks into the final, brilliant product. We’ll always be on the lookout here to forge extra moments of flourish and connection, so no matter how many times your audience watches this, they’ll discover something special each time. We’ll also keep our eyes peeled for the opportunity to be clever with your assets to increase the reach of your work.

5 Production

Midway Retro

If there’s the chance for us to tweak a process, review an approach, or just to say ‘This is going great!’, then we want to take it. Landing during Production, this is when your dedicated Account Manager will meet with you away from the bustle and fizz of production calls to find out how you’re finding the partnership on a more holistic level. We’ve found this to be a priceless session that has created some of the most meaningful relationships which have spanned many projects over the years.

6 Feedback

Sound Design & Composition

While this isn’t called for on every project, we absolutely love the power sound has to enhance any piece. We’ve found that building the sound world while we create the visual opens up an even richer dynamic, adding a new dimension to your work to help it fly. We have an incredible network of trusted studios who provide carefully selected library tracks or bespoke sound designs and compositions to meet your needs.

7 Render

Render & Delivery

Once you’re happy that the work sings as you dreamed it and you’ve hit the locked-and-loaded button, we set our machines a-whirring to render out all your pieces to the highest quality before sending them over.

Retro & Wrap

At Animade, we care about creating long-lasting, meaningful connections, as that’s how the best work is made. Once your delivery is tied up, we love to meet once more to celebrate our time together, listen to your thoughts, and find out how we can learn from and better our process for you. That way, when you’re back with us in the future, we can launch from those successes into an even better project!

If you have a project you’d like us to collaborate on, or if you just want to find out more about our process, drop us a line on [email protected].

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