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It's good to talk

Learning is a two-way street and when it comes to our approach to animation, it's no different. We love to share our knowledge with others – the community, our clients, students and educators – and keep our ears and minds open to learning from others in turn.

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20231005 Playgrounds In Motion Willeke Machiels LR 047 AD2 A7596

ECD Ed Barrett at In Motion Rotterdam (Photos by Willeke Machiels)

You'll often find us bouncing around at community events and festivals, like Playgrounds In Motion, Pictoplasma, MOVE Summit and Manchester Animation Festival, where we love giving talks, hosting Drink & Draw sessions or running workshops on Animade Frames, our in-house animation tool that enables anyone to take a doodle to animation in seconds.

Getting inspired by the awesome @animadetv at @inmotion.playgrounds


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Animade 1

Workshops at In Motion London and Birmingham Design Festival

We collaborate with clients to solve problems through the power of character and movement. Our client talks are geared towards sharing how the principles and learning behind our work can help clients connect with audiences.

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Outside In workshop at Moving Brands (Photos by Jodie Bass)

Behind-the-scenes peek of Ed acting out crab movements for an animation reference!

We warmly welcome student groups into our studio to have a peek at our goings-ons, share group activities like Animade Frames and open up about our experience of working in the animation industry.

For more info or to book any of our talks, drop us a message on [email protected].

Student pic 1
Student pic 2
Student pic 3

Ed from @animadetv presented a brilliant beginner’s introduction to animation 💯


Upcoming talks!

Cardiff Animation Festival — After Dark Art Club on Friday 26th + Pen Pals on Saturday 27th April

Check back on this page and follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn and X for more upcoming events.

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