Getting mischievous with Rive

We love playing around with new software, so we picked up Rive, an app for creating interactive animations.

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The Cursed Cursor is a web-toy where the user is on a video call with an annoying boss character. While they drone on and on, the user can poke and irritate them with the cursor. Who wouldn’t want to do that!? Have a go below.

The Cursed Cursor

Creatives Bekki, Vicky and Sam started brainstorming ideas around the title ‘The Cursed Cursor’—the challenge was to make a piece within five days. Something where the viewer can cause chaos!

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They cooked up some devious ones as you can see from the sketches below, but we all agreed the video call idea was the most satisfying.

'The pimple squeeze'.

Pimple Storyboard 1
Pimple Storyboard 2
Pimple Storyboard 3

'The cockroach crunch'.

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Slide5 2
Slide5 4

'The egg splat'.

Slide6 2
Slide6 3
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With the fast turnaround of this collaboration the team went head-first into the process, from concepting ideas and storyboarding through to design, animation and digging into Rive’s state machine, where all the interactive magic happens.

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Rive Storyboard 1
Rive Storyboard 2
Rive Storyboard 3
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Words by Kwok Fung Lam, Creative Director at Animade.

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