The juggle is real

Juggling work and childcare can be tough. So we try to make life that little bit easier for the parents and carers in our team.

Having to switch in an instant from that last important email of the day to getting fish fingers on the table can be exhausting, and at Animade, we get it.

With co-founders and leadership who have first-hand experience of battling the constant rounds of germ fests from nursery and school, we want to make sure that each and every one of our team who cares for children is given the flexibility and perks they need to sustain a healthy work-life balance.

Our hybrid working set-up and flexible working hours help accommodate those daily routines like childcare pick-ups and drop-offs, and working from home means more opportunity to be around for evenings and bedtimes with the little ones.

We also understand that the financial impact of caring for children is nothing to be taken lightly, and to support this we offer enhanced parental leave packages for anyone taking on a new commitment to raising a child. Our time off for dependants and mental health policies are there to help support our working parents and carers when those last-minute emergencies or extra headspace are needed too.

Knowing that your employers understand when you suddenly get that call to say your sniffly cherub needs scooping up in the middle of the day makes a huge difference.

Amy Egan, mother of two and Head of Marketing

Being a parent or carer might mean your social calendar isn’t as sizzling as it once was, and while we’re never short on events and treats for our Animaders, they sometimes fall at times that are difficult for those with small children to work around. That’s why we’ve started a whole new initiative of inclusive events for parents and carers, taking into account that evenings are often off-limits.

For those about to embark on parenthood, having the flexibility to switch between working at the studio and home means there’s no panic around attending those NCT classes, and knowing there’s no pressure to attend any social events can help in this time of huge anticipation.

Sometimes it’s just about needing to share moments of joy, despair and uncertainty that only others in a similar situation can understand. That’s why we dedicated one of our many people-focused Slack channels to parents and carers. Think baby monitor recommendations, emotional support for the sleep-deprived and news that the latest series of Bluey just dropped.

It’s been lovely chatting to parents at the studio, gaining tips and tricks about being a first-time parent. Getting excited about the new arrival!

Jim Billy Wheeler, father-to-be and Art Director

We’re always learning and the journey doesn’t stop here. We’d love to know what you think makes a parent- and carer-friendly workplace. Connect with us on LinkedIn and share your thoughts! #thejuggleisreal

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