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Join us for a series of creative talks, showing how the principles and learning behind our work can help you connect with audiences through motion.

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Diversity in Design Notes

I wanted to thank this incredible team for the consistently exceptional work at unreasonable speed, and for always maintaining the highest level of craft without ever discounting soul and poetry.

Tali Krakowsky Apel, Facebook

The power of character

What’s the difference between motion graphics and animation? Why do we connect and relate to characterful movement? Debuted at Manchester Animation Festival 2022, this talk will dive into the joys of bringing designs to life through characterful animation and creating movement in a way that really makes an audience feel something.

Looking at how character can be instilled in the most basic of forms, we’ll share our techniques on how we can even make a square twerk!

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Designing movement

Can you stylistically design movement in the same way you do with a static illustration? We'll explore how different movement styles pair with brands to amplify their personality.

In this talk we’ll discuss the nuances of movement from tactility to personality, showing how every split second of positioning can subconsciously affect the messaging. We'll also share how we've used these techniques with global brands to engage audiences through bespoke movement, designed for them.

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Diversity in design

Even when working with the most stylised aesthetics, we always consider how inclusive and representative our designs are, especially when partnering with large global brands who communicate with billions of users daily.

We'll discuss how we try to create well-balanced character design, add authenticity through attention to detail and consult voices outside of our studio, sharing our journey, what we've learnt and what we're still learning.

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We knew we wanted to bring character into the identity and Animade were the perfect partner for us. Working with the Animade team was a delight; collaboration was at the heart of their creative process.

Rob Mordue, It's Nice That

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