0624 Coinbase Curious Empty Collection
0624 Coinbase Delighted NFT Purchase
0624 Coinbase Delighted First Purchase

We worked with the cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase to create an expressive motion system that reflects the brand identity and some of their more emotive experiences such as delight, distinctiveness and curiosity.

0624 Coinbase Engaged Send And Receive
0624 Coinbase Engaged Ledger
0624 Coinbase Engaged Show Off

When animated, the illustration types embody the brand’s three design principles — clarity, precision & trust.

We explored animation as a medium for storytelling in a variety of product contexts and delivered a set of 10 animated product illustrations using both motion graphics and character animation.

0624 Coinbase Engaged Welcome
0624 Coinbase Neutral Connection Trouble
0624 Coinbase Curious Start Your Collection

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