Plantable postcards for Ecosia!

To celebrate the launch of our animation with the gorgeously green, global tree-planting search engine, Ecosia, we invited friends of the studio to plant a little something of their own. With our plantable postcards, bursting full of wildflower seeds, they can join in Ecosia's mission and plant their own mini garden by following the steps below.

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Ecosia Notes 02

You’ll need:

  • a planting pot

  • some soil

  • a watering can

  • our plantable postcard

How to plant:

1. Grab a pot and fill three-quarters with soil—remember to make a small drainage hole at the bottom.

2. Lightly soak your seeded paper in water and place it into the pot with a thin covering of soil on top.

3. Place your new buddy in a sunny spot and water daily to keep the paper moist for the first week until your seedlings start to appear. While your wildflower seedlings grow, keep them safe indoors.

4. Remember to give your seedlings some love by watering them regularly and watch them come to life!

5. Come Spring or warmer weather, your seedlings can move outside. About a week before you plan to set the seedlings into the garden, place them in a protected spot outdoors to help them acclimatise to their new home.

We hope they are bloomin’ marvellous!

Want to learn more about the work Ecosia are doing? See the animation we made here.

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