A social campaign for the planet we love

Giving the world some good news: searching with Ecosia is the easiest way to plant trees.

Ecosia is a search engine like no other: the revenue they generate doesn’t line pockets, it plants trees. Lots of them. Around 160 million trees so far, all over the world.

Ecosia Skate Park 01

The Ecosia team knew that animation can be a powerful tool in communicating complex topics, so they wanted to branch out with a tree-mendous animated campaign to grab the attention of Gen Zs around the world. With an open brief, we carefully shaped every aspect of the campaign from concept to scripting to design, paying close attention to Ecosia’s aims.

Ecosia Case Study Double Offset 01 9x16

With something memorable, shareable and fun, we needed to push the message that all you have to do to support their tree-planting mission is… search with Ecosia. That’s it!

Ecosia Marketing Case Study Thumbnail Still 9x16

The Berlin-based search engine had just gone through a major rebrand with Koto, and this project was the first to adopt their new look. We used their bold, meticulously wonky shapes as inspiration for the tree designs, and set the 2D characters on a slightly askew 3D background. This added contrast, created a clear focal point and ramped up the visual and technical appeal.

Ecosia Living Room 01

Ecosia plants trees all over the world, so our human (and tree!) characters reflect that diversity in representation, interests and tone of voice to connect with a global audience. We knew that a lot of people would watch without sound, so we used big, snappy movements and a lot of visual humour to create situations we can all relate to… and a few we wish we couldn’t!

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Working with the Animade team was a wonderful experience throughout. They not only understood Ecosia’s mission and values but were incredibly committed to bringing our message to a wider audience.

We can’t thank them enough for their professionalism, creativity and the positive energy they brought to this collaboration.

Sina Samavati, Ecosia


Style development, Design, Storyboarding, Scriptwriting / refinement, Animation production


1 x 60' main edit, 5 x 15' cutdowns, 3 x longer cutdowns, 3 x looping GIFs



Executive Creative Director

Ed Barrett

Creative Director

Frida Ek

Art Director

Jim Billy Wheeler

Animation Director

Stewart Harvey

Animation Lead

Sam Stoney

Design Lead

Robert Duncan


Luke Marsh


Sophie Neophytou

Production Assistant

Simona Somma-Mullins

Client Services

Jenna Kirby

2D Animation

Dev Joshi, Eilidh Reid, Robert Duncan, Romane Wach, Sam Jones, Sam Stoney, Stewart Harvey, Valerie Galchynska

3D Animation

Mikey Dowdle, Ricard Badia


Bekki Leahy, Eilidh Reid, Robert Duncan, Romane Wach, Sam Jones, Sam Stoney, Toby Mortimer, Valerie Galchynska, Vicky Darriba Rios

2D Design

Cat Finnie, Robert Duncan, Sam Stoney

3D Design

Ricard Badia, Theresa Haas


Frida Ek, Sam Stoney, Zak Khan

Marketing & PR

Amy Egan, Razia Hussain


Creative Director

Sina Samavati

Paid Marketing Lead

Philly Koehli


Sound Design

Ambrose Yu

Voice Actors

Gale Van Cott, Henriette Zoutomou, Nathan Nokes, Wolf Williams

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