A rainbow-fuelled book trailer for the purveyor of good news

With a sumptuously open brief from founder Mauro Gatti, we had the pleasure of delivering this 30-second animation all about the goodness in the world.

Animade's work has perfectly captured the spirit of the project and the video is the perfect mix of fun, happiness, optimism and hope that I was looking for.

Mauro Gatti

Without VO or on-screen text, the narrative works purely through hand-drawn character acting and sound design. We started off by scripting around the idea of kindness being contagious and creating ripples of positivity. Taking inspiration from the character design in the book, we show the main figure’s sadness being blasted into joy as all the good news leaps out of the book.

0701 HB Style Frames 3
0701 HB Style Frames
0701 HB Style Frames 02

The approach for the background music by sound designer Andrew Savdeyev echoes the storyline by starting off melancholic before snapping into an upbeat tune as the book opens.

THB Rainbow Heart v01

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