A TV spot that says it's OK to talk about death

We tackled the taboo topic of death in this story that aims to make will-writing a little less scary.

We worked with the online will-writing service to create its first animated TV advert, setting the precedent for the brand in motion. Guided by the brand’s new visual language designed by Anna Charity, Farewill’s loveable mascot Blob became the star.

In the ad, Blob comes to the realisation that you can’t ignore death. With a subject as delicate as this one, the challenge for us was to get that magic balance of comedic timing with heartfelt, relatable elements. So we weaved in moments such as the little fish flipping upside-down and the lovely family hug at the end, with the pared-back 2D style adding to the feeling of warmth.

Through the friendly animation style and Blob’s charming family, the 30-second spot aims to make death a topic that’s easier to think and talk about.

Adding warmth to a subject that can often inspire worry and stress.

It’s Nice That

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