100 hand-drawn characters to share the joy of Groups

Facebook wanted to celebrate the joy of finding like-minded people, both online and off.

Together with the Facebook team, we concepted, developed and animated over 100 hand-drawn characters for Facebook Groups. Each character has its own personality, with nuanced movements and mannerisms. The loving squeeze of a hug, the concentration on our crafters' faces—these warm details help set the tone for the project's message of community spirit.

Working within Facebook’s illustration style, we added in unique details for each character, like the flowing hair of the flute player. To create a sense of unity the characters assemble in mosaic form, coming together to celebrate the diverse range of communities in Facebook Groups.

Facebook tennis
Facebook cricket

The project aimed to illustrate how easy it is to find like-minded communities on Facebook Groups, highlighting how virtual groups can be just as important as the ones we make in real life.

It's a delight to work with the team from a production and a creative standpoint. It always amazes me how fast the team can breathe life into the characters, scenes, and composition. Combined with stellar producers, the projects always deliver on time, on brand, and to a high quality.

Vivian Hsu, Facebook

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