Reanimating Facebook’s world-famous logo

Facebook were looking for a fresh take on something familiar; our bursts of animation brought their logo to life.

FB Wordmark Casestudy v01

It’s a real privilege to draw attention to important topics, especially to an audience as wide in scope as Facebook’s. We designed and animated intricate ‘Wordmarks’—characterful interpretations of Facebook’s logotype that highlighted global events and current issues such as the climate crisis, Pride, and the Digital Day of Truth.

FB Wordmark Casestudy v03

The purpose of the campaign was to make people look again at a logo they’re used to glossing over. The space we had to work with was very small, so we made sure to get the level of detail just right so as not to crowd it. For every theme, we came up with playful and engaging ideas in the design phase before visualising and perfecting the images for the tiny scale they were displayed at.

We brought the intricate final concepts to life as vector animations before exporting them as code for the Facebook app.

FB Wordmark Casestudy v05

In recognition of Facebook’s global community, we worked hard to make the animations respectful, representative and inclusive. Where possible, we bring in talent from relevant communities to make sure we have an informed perspective.

The Wordmarks were shared across the US and UK, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Working with Meta gives us the opportunity to push the boundaries of where character, design and animation can come to life: we’re proud to be a part of that journey and excited as to what the future holds.

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