Eye-popping dance moves for Times Square

Anamorphic animations and social sizzles for LG Electronics' campaign that attracted 6.7 billion views worldwide.

Wolff Olins developed a set of 3D illustrations for the new visuals of LG Electronics. Recently LG has changed the way it communicates with customers through its brand reinvention, ensuring the values and philosophy of Life’s Good are delivered at every touchpoint across the customer experience. Recognisably ‘LG’ in look and feel, the characters capture the essence of the brand’s slogan, Life’s Good.

We were tasked with bringing two characters to life with motion—yet not just any motion. Character ‘Joy’ was destined for the spotlight on the billboards of New York’s Times Square in anamorphic 3D.

The motion needed to capture both the spirit of the character and the feeling of Life’s Good. For the anamorphic billboard we produced two 10-second animation sequences in Cinema4D and Octane, utilising the 3D perspective to create impact whilst taking into consideration how the character appears in the space—and breaks out of it!

For the social dimension of this global campaign, we produced 10-second looping animations of characters Joy and Ryder, incorporating two key hand gestures: the ‘finger heart’ and the ‘hand heart’.

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Storyboarding, Animation production, Creative direction, Production + account management, Delivery



LG Electronics


Wolff Olins


Jungmin Ryu

Executive Creative Director

Tom Judd

Creative Director

Mike Davies

Senior Account Director

Katie Nash-Chu

Senior Producer

Flo Layer


Robert Duncan, Stewart Harvey, Ricard Badia, Pierre Plouzeau, Milo Targett

Technical Partner

SR Partners

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