We rebranded!

When Animade opened its doors in 2010, we set out to make the world a bit more characterful. Ten years on, we felt it was a good time to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are and where we want to go. So, a rebrand project was born!

We brought design studio Koto on board and got to work. But what we thought would be a straightforward refresh became a real journey of reflection and rediscovery—a chance to refocus on what makes us tick and why.

Our new, bright and bold visual identity puts characterful creative at the heart, which is fitting, because it’s what we’ve been doing since the start. We began with updating our logo, which has been fittingly repurposed as an inquisitive pair of eyes, adding instant character to anything it appears on.

This jubilant identity also brings out the animation studio’s distinct personality through abstract shapes, bright colours and a typeface full of fun quirks.

It's Nice That

Animade Rebrand Social Socks
Animade Rebrand Social Pin

Our new look uses soft and organic shapes, stripped back to their simplest forms, but still bursting with character—showing how we can take anything and inject it with personality!

It’s a testament to everyone who has and continues to shape us—from our past and present Animaders to our clients, incredible freelancers and loyal 'Fanimades' as they're affectionately known, not to mention the incredible creative community. Your support drives us to be better, so thank you. We promise to make the next 10 years as bursting with passion and energy as the last.

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