Distilling UI into a striking social campaign

Collaboration supremos Figma asked us to capture the essence of their product and slogan for a global audience.

Figma’s online collaboration tool is the modern creative team’s best friend. Working alongside the talented folks at COLLINS, we created a global social media campaign that showed off Figma’s incredible UI and encapsulated their slogan: ‘Nothing great is made alone’.

Figma Image 01

COLLINS’ storyboard gave cursors the starring role; our job was to give them personality. Using all our know-how in motion, weight and timing, we injected humour and humanity into a simple triangle that’s almost always overlooked.

The campaign put Figma’s approachable and clever UI in front of a captive audience, so we needed to let the product tell its own story. As the users’ inputs chip away at their fantastic challenges, you can see exactly how Figma works, and the cursors move as you expect (with a bit of flourish).

Film 04 Building 1
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Our clients weren't simply after a product demo, so we were asked to add in physical gags that flipped the lid on what the viewer would expect and bent the ‘rules’ of the program. Using our obsession with detail and passion for motion, we showed that—ingenious software or not—Stonehenge will always be heavy.


Design + storyboarding support, Animatics, Animation production, Render + delivery, Creative direction, Account management + production


4 x animated stories for Instagram and YouTube


Senior Director, Marketing

Stephanie Zou (Figma)

Partner and Creative Director

Ben Crick (COLLINS)

Creative Director

Louis Mikolay (COLLINS)

Business Director

Michael Di Leo (COLLINS)

Executive Creative Director

Ed Barrett

Creative Director

Mike Davies

Client Services

Jenna Kirby


Flo Layer

Production Assistant

Simona Somma-Mullins

Project Lead

Stew Harvey


Dev Joshi, Bekki Leahy, Julia Olsson, Sam Stoney, George Judd, Stew Harvey

Sound Design

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