Design and animation with bite!

Youth activist network Bite Back are on a mission to make junk food giants change their ways for a fairer food system. With a new identity created by Wolff Olins, we were invited to design and animate the key icon and make a brand film to get the word out!

The brand’s key icon needed to function with or without the wordmark: a towering, expressive mouth that represents the voice of a generation fed up to the back teeth with unhealthy food marketing.

Having finalised this design, we devised a range of expressions—like ‘laugh’, ‘bored’ and ‘bite’—and brought them chomping and grinning to life with motion. The expressions enable the brand to talk to its many audiences across various online, offline and interactive touchpoints, with different moods and messages.

We then set about making the brand film, which follows a protagonist Mouth cutting through the noise to confront a swarm of junk food advertising with a cavalry of little mouth heroes: the Bite Back team!

Bit Back Mascots 02
Bit Back Mascots Colour 01


Mouth assets—Design, Animation production, Render + delivery, Creative direction, Production + account management

Brand film—Design, Storyboarding + animatic, Lip sync animation, Montage animation production, Cutdown creation, Render + delivery, Creative direction, Production + account management


Mouth assets—1 x hero mouth design asset, 4 x animated mouth expressions, 10 x static mouth designs

Brand film—1 x 90 second animation, 3 x direct cutdowns



Bite Back


Wolff Olins

Executive Creative Director

Ed Barrett

Creative Director

Mike Davies

Senior Account Director

Katie Nash-Chu

Senior Account Manager

Jenna Kirby

Senior Producer

Flo Layer


Meg Shipton


Stewart Harvey, Eilidh Reid, Sam Stoney

VO Artist

Liyah Summers

Music + Sound Design

Sonica Studios

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