A video to launch a breakthrough in veterinary care

A launch film for iQ Vet, an Apple award-winning device for creatures big and small.

All animals

iQ Vet is a handheld ultrasound device that enables vets to take a pain-free peek inside animals. Its makers, Butterfly Network, asked us to create a launch film to help get the word out. We also made some social-ready run cycles for each animal, including a Siamese cat, a goat, and a bouncy sausage dog.

The 25-second film is lovingly hand-drawn, frame by frame. We designed and animated the host of creatures, taking inspiration from the brand’s strong design aesthetic and muted palette.

Animade was a complete pleasure to work with from start to finish. It truly felt like they were part of our team! ...Animade created a piece that totally hit the mark for the market we were going after, and the proof is in how our customers reacted!

David Elgena, Butterfly Network

We paid special attention to the details in animation, like the elephant tusks dropping, the goat’s bottom swaying and the sausage dog’s tail wagging, to give that extra flourish of character and charm.

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