Al and Ally’s story

Characterful bird families to inspire hearts and minds for Alzheimer’s research.

Aimed at recruiting patients for a clinical trial, this series of animations was destined for TV in the US and on HTML banners. The stories revolve around two families of birds who are dealing with the effects of Alzheimer's together. We were tasked with refining the initial character designs and storylines before getting into the throes of animation.

Concept Art0000
Concept Art0002

The main characters, Al and Ally, are elderly birds demonstrating signs of early Alzheimer's. Their relatives are introduced as caring characters that are always by their side to help. As well as being simple and charming, it was important for the animations to be relatable across cultures and ages. Through fidelity of movement, the characters are lent agency and believability, with real lives and backstories.

The project presented multiple challenges. As well as getting the tone and delivery of the message just right, the animations needed to be powerful enough to inspire action. We used thoughtful character acting to evoke feelings of empathy and understanding in the audience, working with the utmost care and sensitivity.

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