Tend, a short film about the dangers of distraction

WeTransfer asked us to create some original content for the launch of its creative platform, WePresent. The animation needed to be ambitious, relatable and wide-reaching, so we leapt at the opportunity to make a short film.

Tend tells the story of a father and daughter living peacefully in the wilderness, until one day their familiar routine begins to fall apart. While the story has elements of tension, we wanted to bring in moments of humour. Through their interactions and gentle character acting, we were able to develop their relationship. We brought in the wonderful Sounds Like These to create the sound design and music.

Wall black and white
Wall mix

With festival screenings worldwide and a premier at OFFF Barcelona, we hope people take different things from the story – whether it’s an insight into parenthood, relationships, mental health, or simply the idea of being distracted by things that aren’t the be-all and end-all.

Father treatment 01

Animade’s charmingly minimal film for WeTransfer explores the dangers in the distractions of everyday life.

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