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Launching the Artist Series finale with a bottleful of fun

Launching the finale of Chilly’s Artist Series, we brought legendary artist Reg Mombassa’s characters to life with a bottleful of humour, weirdness and fun.

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Chilly’s reusable water bottles are sustainable, useful and very, very pretty. Now, as if all that weren’t enough, over the last year they’ve released a series of limited edition bottles featuring original designs by revered artists from around the world. To cap this collection off, Chilly’s turned to the talented artist Reg Mombassa, who created two designs for a super-limited release of 500 bottles each. Which is where we came in.

Our mission? To help build awareness of the Chilly’s brand, excite and surprise the audience and do justice to an artist with a unique style and passionate following.

Our loose, fun approach made use of 2D and 3D animation techniques, which helped us capture the spirit of the hazily nostalgic imagery and draw attention to the bottle’s premium aesthetics. We animated the characters in After Effects, giving them a ruddy edge that gels with the 90s vibes and contrasts perfectly with the glossy 3D renders.

We wanted the social media teasers to sound as bizarrely brilliant as they looked, so turned to our trusted friends Sounds Like These to help capture the essence of the artwork with music. Together, we came up with a completely unique sound that enhanced Reg’s sideways look at 90s Australia. Each character’s own motif is established before they come together to form a splendidly silly symphony that’s sure to get feet tapping.

Bringing a vision to life is exactly what the amazing Animade team have accomplished by creatively adapting our latest Artist Series design into the animated world. The team exceeded expectations and left us dreaming in an immersive and surreal world of musical monsters.

Pavel Davison, Chilly's


File preparation, Storyboarding + animatic, Animation production, Editing + cutdown, Creative direction, Render + delivery, Production + accounts services


19-second launch animation, teaser + static posts for Instagram, website banner, looping GIFs, static lockups for email


Executive Creative Director

Ed Barrett

Creative Director

Frida Ek

Art Director

Jim Billy Wheeler


Flo Layer, Simona Somma-Mullins

Client Services

Jenna Kirby

Project Lead

Romane Wach


Original artwork by Reg Mombassa


Romane Wach, Theresa Haas, Victoria Darriba Rios, Stewart Harvey, Yukari Shrickel, Ricard Badia, Adolfo Mendes

Sound Design

Sounds Like These

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