The stronger the light, the darker the shadow

An atmospheric tale to inspire viewers of European short film festival, The Shortest Day.

We were commissioned by production company Kontrastfilm to create a scene-setting intro, twelve vignettes and a dramatic finale, to thread together almost an entire day of film screenings across France and Germany on the day of the winter solstice. Under the title Chronemics, we later tied the fourteen parts together into a six-minute film.

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Based on the idea of light and darkness competing for dominance, the film is set in a world of distinct contrasts. The tense atmosphere is lifted with moments of comedy through the antics of our two characters, Light and Dark. Caught in continuous conflict, these stick-like creatures are always gaining and losing ground. But an unexpected twist ultimately questions the meaning of one without the other. We called on the talents of our friends at Mutant Jukebox for the dramatic soundtrack.

Securing a Vimeo Staff pick, multiple screenings internationally and online features in Creative Review and Short of the Week, we’re extremely proud of this whole-team collaborative effort!

The animation is simple, the tone is cheeky, and who knew stick figures could have so much personality?


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