An app that pushes the possibilities of AI and AR

With its collection of lovable characters that can be unlocked in real life, Google’s Ho Jeng AR app encourages people to get out and about in the city—a bit like a giant treasure hunt!

At the core of this project, for us, was a focus on playful character design, development and technical rigging. Since the app was piloting in Hong Kong, our designs are based on unique landmarks and cultural references.

Share Joy Phone Mockup 01

We wanted to go the extra mile to make these characters shine. The addition of secondary elements and ‘joy particles’—like the use of steam on the teapot, sparks for the neon sign and sprinkles of confetti—give the animations that little extra flourish of fun and delight.

Share Joy 16x9 01 2020 11 13 105824

Once the characters were modelled and animated, we played with some clever mouth-swapping to add a punch of joy and expression.

Share Joy 16x9 03

Sounds Like These brought their sound wizardry to the characters, then we packed everything up and sent it to Bit Studio, who wrapped it all into the app with the superb UI and UX taken care of by Sennep.

Search 'Ho Jeng AR' on the App Store to discover it for yourself!

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