Keeping the voice alive

Encouraging people to get talking with a cheeky set of stories for Libon.

French agency Spintank were looking for strong character animators to design and animate three online adverts for mobile provider Libon. They came to the right place! After presenting us with their draft scripts, we had great fun bouncing ideas around with the Spintank team until we decided upon the best, most succinct stories. The campaign message: that we're all far too busy texting when we should be engaging in good old-fashioned chat.

This project was all about strong illustration, character acting and sharp comic timing. We made the most of a limited timeframe by designing simple characters that could move quickly and easily, while maintaining super-smooth movement, humour and charm.

Working with Animade was a long overdue dream and it surpassed what we expected. Our project was greatly improved by all the discussions we had and we really appreciated being directly in touch with the creatives working on it. They are true professionals and lovely people. Merci beaucoup!

Baptiste Fluzin, Spintank

We loved the creative freedom Libon and Spintank gave us on the project, and with that trust we were able to create three online spots that show how having your thumbs glued to your phone can sometimes mean you miss the unexpected moments in life.

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