Ask The StoryBots

In a set of shorts for Netflix, the Answer Oracle gives the lowdown on some of life's big questions.

Why do donuts have holes?

Ask The StoryBots is a children’s TV series on Netflix that aims to inspire curiosity and educate younger audiences through engaging storytelling, with a generous helping of fun.

Netflix Story Bots Design v02
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Where do the stars go during the day?

We had the pleasure of developing a segment of the series, in which a wise old StoryBot—the Answer Oracle—answers some of life’s biggest questions. Or at least, he gives it a go.

How big is the universe?

Given the creative flexibility to design as well as animate these hilarious shorts based on existing storyboards, we developed three 2D vector animations covering topics from holes in donuts to why we can’t see stars during the day. So sit back and get yourself some wisdom, Bot-style!

Netflix Story Bots Design v04 1

It is easy to look at their body of work and trust that the finished product would be beautiful but the process of actually making these pieces was just as fantastic. Every person on their team was an absolute pro and a delight to work with... the entire production ran like clockwork.

Evan Spiridellis, Netflix

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