Remember when you bought all that yeast?

We created two tasty animations for Ocado and its customers to look back on the food that got them through the pandemic.

Working in collaboration with Stink Studios, we created a one-minute manifesto film that looked back at the trends and purchases of Ocado’s customers, and how that has helped towards the supermarket becoming more sustainable.

On top of that, we also created a personalised animation which was sent to every Ocado customer. The film reimagined data about their purchases over the year into cheerful animations. Inspired by categories such as ‘Top purchaser’ and ‘Treat item’, the products that would appear would be individual to the customer, so every video was a unique experience.


Both animations feature a smiley Ocado driver and their van as they navigate a world of fruit and veg skylines, and friendly neighbours. We created a simple, line-based design that would fit in well with the Ocado brand, and built the animation in a modular way so it could be adapted to suit each individual customer’s data and work with the thousands of images Ocado has in its photo bank of products.

To give the films character we packed each scene with humourous details such as the van taking on a pet-like personality and wagging its tail while the customers’ most ordered pet treats were revealed, or the Ocado driver struggling with the release button on the confetti cannon, and their surprise and relief when it finally goes off.


This was a technically challenging project and we loved using data in a creative way, having the opportunity to reach such a wide audience. The buzz around these films kick-started lots of fun conversations on social media with customers comparing their most ordered products. Just 24 hours after release, 110k unique users had created their own personalised video, which went above and beyond the client’s expectations.


Executive Creative Director

Ed Barrett

Creative Director

Frida Ek

Creative Lead

George Judd


Ryan Bird, George Judd, Jess Mountfield, Yukari Schrickel, Sam Stoney


Ryan Bird, Stew Harvey, Jess Mountfield, Yukari Schrickel, Sam Stoney, Jonas Elsgaard, Max Halley, Adolfo Mendes, Jose Meneses, Pip Williamson

Account Manager

Jenna Kirby


Flo Layer

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