An awe-inspiring launch film with a twist!

We teamed up with Procreate to launch their new product with a BIG animation. But we didn’t stop there. To boost the exposure of Procreate Dreams, we made a second animation to inspire people to reach for the stars...

One Giant Leap Style Frame 01

Set in what appears to be the outer reaches of space, a happy astronaut bobs in and out of view, awestruck by the stars and planets around him. Until the camera pans back and we realise that all is not as it seems...!

The futuristic 1960s aesthetic is full of imagination and whimsy—two things we felt fit the concept brilliantly. We also like the colour palettes of this design era, and emulated these in our final selection.

One Giant Leap Style Frame 02
One Giant Leap Style Frame 03
One Giant Leap Style Frame 04

We explored different profiles for the character, arriving at these sharp shapes befitting the '60s feel. The angles carve out a dramatic silhouette, which works well for the closeups of the character looking to the stars in wonder!

The film was used across Procreate's online content, including a charming tutorial on the use of colour in the Procreate Dreams app.

Procreate in situ
Procreate in situ 2

Animade are animation wizards, super professional, and can even make video calls a pleasure. We enjoyed every step of the working process with Animade so much that after our first commission was complete, we immediately booked in two more. Animade are an absolute joy!



Storyboard + animatic, Design + animation, Creative direction + production services


1 x 20" animation (created in Procreate Dreams) with composed music + SFX




Executive Creative Director

Ed Barrett

Art Direction + Animation

Jim Billy Wheeler

Senior Account Director

Katie Nash-Chu

Head of Production

Georgie Lister-Fell

Senior Producer

Flo Layer


Meg Shipton

Sound Design + Music

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