Three animated Sticker packs to dial up your chats

Our first foray into Facebook Messenger Stickers was Absolutely Cheeky, which had a jolly good time on the internet – being downloaded 13.9 million times. 'Aces', you might say! The Facebook Messenger team later approached us to create two more packs of 24 for the chat service.

Each Sticker needed to communicate a particular emotion or state in just 24 frames. The creative freedom we had in generating concepts was both the best and trickiest part - narrowing down literally anything you could think of into a cohesive idea that would be fun, different and engaging, but not too weird, was a really interesting challenge.

To get hold of these treats, open the Messenger app, start a new message and click the smiley face in the type bar – then search 'Sweaty Drops', 'Arnold' or 'Absolutely Cheeky.' Mint!

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