Making moves with a much-loved mascot

Cat treat brand Temptations worked with Elmwood to create the charming new T-cat character. Once the design was finalised, there was only one thing left to do... bring T-cat to life with animation! And that's where we stepped in.

P Laying

The new T-cat is playful, bold and lighthearted. He's a cat, but with human-like behaviours. With this in mind, we were tasked with creating five subtle, seamlessly looping animations of T-cat's face and body, based on a static pose (plus a couple of bonus jumping-out-of-shot GIFs).

Crouch Pounce
Pounceand Leap

Working with mascots means extra attention needs to be placed on the personality of the character – after all, T-cat embodies the Temptations brand. Getting the right amount of energy and enthusiasm whilst avoiding anything too human or too feline was a delicate balancing act, but we made sure T-cat landed on his feet.


Animation direction, Animatics, Animation, Production + accounts services


5 x 6" seamlessly looping animations (MP4 + GIF)


Executive Creative Director

Tom Judd, Ed Barrett

Animation Director

Stewart Harvey

Senior Producer

Flo Layer

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