From Euros to Yen and back again

Revealing the magic of money without borders through characterful animation with our friends at Wise.

TransferWise is now Wise. With a money transfer platform, multi-currency account, debit card, and a business account serving 10 million people and businesses all over the world, we produced a family of explainer videos outlining Wise’s mission to help people manage their money cheaply, quickly, and transparently with the world’s most international account.

Across three carefully crafted films we set out to create a coherent, engaging story full of character, of what Wise offers old and new members alike.

Each film puts radical transparency at the forefront with a good pinch of punk-y protest and humour spread throughout. We embodied Wise’s bold existing brand style and brought their cast of characters to life in fun, engaging ways.

Wise Social Still 13
Wise Social Still 12

Working with Animade was an absolute dream—it genuinely felt like they were part of our internal team. The speed at which they understood our brand, their level of openness and flexibility with feedback and the laughs we had on this project made for the perfect collaboration. Oh, and the work was sublime—but that’s a given with Animade.

Phil Denington and Derek Boateng, Wise

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