Bringing the world’s most famous egg to life

We’ve had the privilege of working with incredible clients across a huge range of projects, but none quite as unexpected as this collaboration – with an egg.

You might remember the @world_record_egg sensation that took the internet by storm, dethroning Kylie Jenner for the most-liked Instagram post. This unassuming egg, simply known as Eugene, became a global phenomenon. And Animade was tasked with helping it evolve into a character with an important message.

But people were captivated by Eugene in his original form, and we weren’t about to change that. Our approach, inspired by the 'Gordon Freeman Effect' (where gamers project themselves onto the protagonist), was to bring Eugene to life through subtle character inflections. By adding hand-drawn features, we leveraged the power of pareidolia (seeing faces in objects) to evoke emotions without altering Eugene’s identity.


The creative production process behind this animation was much like the stratospheric rise of the @world_record_egg itself: fast, unexpected and joyfully absurd.

Ed Barrett speaking to It's Nice That

The animation itself echoed this philosophy. We opted for a lo-fi charm, using simple hand-drawn animation and marker-pen typography reminiscent of the Calvin and Hobbes comics. This simplicity resonated with Eugene’s youthful and relatable personality.

Sound design played a crucial role and our partners, Sounds Like These, struck a perfect balance – keeping the sounds minimal, playful, and endearing.


The final animation, strategically timed to debut after the Super Bowl, surprised audiences. There was no high-production CGI reveal, but a powerful message about mental health, supported by Mental Health America. A new version on the @world_record_egg account directed viewers to, a website offering mental health resources.

The animation sparked conversation – some found it funny, while others lauded its mental health focus. Regardless of your stance, we're proud to have been part of the Egg Gang. As for what Eugene does next? We can only guess, but with his optimistic spirit and millions of followers, we bet it will be something everyone will want to “like.”

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