Bringing character to healthcare advertising for a powerful impact

At Animade, we believe in the power of animation to make the world a bit more characterful. So why is Animade's character-focused approach particularly powerful to the healthcare sector?

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Captivating stories and creative versatility

Through endearing characters and vibrant visuals, Animade captivates audiences and brings healthcare experiences to life. We maintain a laser focus on creative excellence which allows us to infuse healthcare campaigns with imaginative worlds and unique styles, ensuring each project stands out and grabs attention.

See the CoppaFeel! case study—a social campaign that gets Gen Z to check their chests.

Simplification of the complex

Healthcare information can be complex at times. Our experience in storytelling and using animation as a supporting communication device can help break down intricate concepts into digestible visuals, empowering audiences to understand vital information effortlessly. By leveraging our character-focused approach, we can help bridge the gap between complex medical jargon and everyday understanding, ensuring clarity and engagement.

See the Alzheimer's Research case study—Al and Ally's story.

Emotional engagement

Emotions play a vital role in healthcare, and Animade harnesses this to create powerful connections with viewers. Through relatable characters we depict struggles, triumphs and moments of compassion that resonate deeply. By invoking empathy, we raise awareness and inspire positive action... watch out, this one’s a tear jerker!

See the Bliss case study—what kind of hug is impossible?

Building collaborative relationships

At Animade, we value collaboration and building close relationships with our clients. With founders actively involved, we ensure that every project receives the utmost attention and creative excellence it deserves. We believe that strong partnerships result in the best outcomes, and we work closely with our clients to understand their vision and bring it to life through animation.

In one way or another I have been involved in marketing for 20 years now (gulp!) and this is without reservation one of the best realised projects I have ever been associated with. It is a real credit to your team, and to Bliss. So thank you so much for your brilliant support.

Andy Cole, Bliss

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Animade, as an independent animation studio, adds character and creativity to healthcare advertising with powerful effect. With founders who remain close to the creative process and focus on building collaborative relationships, we consistently deliver projects of creative excellence. If you’re interested in partnering together on your next project or would like to book a call to hear more, please email [email protected].

We’d love to harness the power of animation for your healthcare stories, and let our passion for character and storytelling help bring your messages to life.

Jen, Ed & Tom, Co-founders of Animade

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