Bringing character into the Extra Nice identity

Champions of creativity It’s Nice That were preparing for a new membership offering called Extra Nice, and invited us on board to help create a characterful identity.

Identity Film Still 02

While It’s Nice That developed their logo mark and web development, we took care of all the visual assets across the brand, including character design and the main identity film for the website and across social.

The central character has been through a lot to get to where they are! They were once a pillar, a wizard, an arch, a two-legged shooting star and an elephantine shape before they reached the final friendly figure you see today.

The simple blocky shapes, big hands and solid feet speak to the character’s utility and generosity – they stand firm as a kind, supportive character. But they are also inquisitive and welcoming, they love to express themselves, and they are utterly playful. See for yourself here.

Animade BTS Extra Nice 01
Animade BTS Extra Nice 02
Animade BTS Extra Nice 03

We knew we wanted to bring character into the identity and Animade were the perfect partner for us. Working with the Animade team was a delight, collaboration was at the heart of their creative process which was an ideal fit for this extremely important new development of our business.

Rob Mordue, It’s Nice That


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