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We recognise the potential of sharing raw creativity and celebrating every aspect of the creative process, not just the shiny end result.

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Enter Seemore, our new Instagram account showcasing the creative journeys and artistic endeavours that breathe life into our animation. Like all of us they’re not perfect, but that’s what makes them captivating!

To establish a visual identity for the channel we embarked on a process of development that went beyond simply designing an Instagram avatar. We wanted to achieve a connection between Animade and Seemore, whilst giving the latter its own characterful brand.

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Seemore should represent the diverse interests and talents of our team. So we designed six distinct shapes, each representing a different aspect of our creative pursuits, from interactive design to hand-drawn analogue wobbliness. Colours were chosen and reduced from the parent brand, strengthening the connection between the two identities whilst keeping Seemore feeling fresh.

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We knew that Seemore needed to celebrate mistakes and highlight the unpolished side of our work. Inspired by the notion that beauty can be found in imperfections, we experimented with risograph 'misprints.' These imperfect textures and graphic shapes created a visually captivating and scalable treatment.

Launch video

To enhance the charm of Seemore, we also played with hand-drawn annotations and scribbles. These elements offered an additional layer of character and could be amplified to create lively moments or toned down to serve as purposeful navigational assets.

So, come and see more with Seemore!

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Executive Creative Director

Ed Barrett

Creative Direction

Frida Ek

Design & Art Direction

Eilidh Reid

Animation Direction

Stewart Harvey


Robert Duncan, Stewart Harvey, Sam Stoney


Flo Layer

Sound Design

Ana Roman

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