Seeing eyewear as a characterful accessory

Glasses company Ace & Tate wanted to explain their new home try-on service in three steps through a simple animated video.

We designed and animated a set of animations for glasses company Ace & Tate, to explain their new home try-on service and tell the brand's story—all with lashings of character, naturally!

Our solution was to introduce human characters to the story, each different in style and taste. We kept the designs simple with clean outlines, both so that they were in-keeping with the sleek aesthetic of the brand and to enable them to animate smoothly. The illustrated glasses are all based on actual products, so we got quite familiar with the range!

We enjoyed collaborating closely with the Ace & Tate team, helping with script-editing to get that seamless harmony between voiceover and animation, as well as casting and recording the VO with our sound partner Sonica Studios.

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