A social campaign for feed-friendly advertising

For Facebook's Feed Factory, we designed and animated four fictional machines that would ‘transform’ TV ads into mobile content.


The campaign aims to get advertisers and agencies to optimise their TVCs for mobile, showing them that making their ads feed-friendly is easier than they might realise. Destined for online, the 3D animations had to be full of colour, bursting with impact and deliciously rewatchable!

Each machine and its behaviour is designed around an analogue object that represents one of the four titles: Capture Attention Quickly, Design For Sound Off, Framing Your Visual Story and Be More Playful With Ads.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the mechanical processes within each machine are a play on its theme. As well as amping up the playfulness, these thoughtful details make the videos more meaningful and memorable, with plenty more to see on second viewing.

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