Elevating Facebook's app experience with 3D Gifts

We teamed up with Meta to develop a collection of tasty 3D icons for a new app feature. Think cat bread and dripping cheese pizza…

With two billion active users each day, Facebook is a place where people can explore, connect and share their interests. As Facebook continue their evolution as an app and a brand, we were excited to play a part in the first phase of their refreshed identity system with Gifts: characterful icons that can be sent from user to user.

Our mission was to make 3D designs that are a feast for the eyes, whether you're zoomed in or out, all while being mindful of those web constraints. Exclusive yet scalable – a tricky challenge we were keen to sink our teeth into!

We jumped into the project early on, working closely with Meta to devise a creative workflow that took an idea from sketchbook, through our Cinema 4D pipeline and into After Effects. This workflow allowed us to achieve web and app-friendly motion with juicy 3D assets, maintaining the wow factor that makes users excited to flaunt them.

Together with Meta, we laid the groundwork for an extensive system, meticulously crafted for the Gifts feature to grow and expand for the future.


Concept, Design, Animation, Production + accounts services


30 x 3D statics, 30 x Custom idle animations (each 3-5")




Executive Creative Director

Tom Judd

Creative Director

Frida Ek

Art Director

Jim Billy Wheeler

Project Lead

Sam Stoney, Dev Joshi, Luke Marsh, Eilidh Reid, Robert Duncan

Design + Animation

Bekki Leahy, Theresa Haas, Vicky Darriba Rios, Stew Harvey, Romane Wach


Jacob Stead, Lana Simanenkova, Cat Finnie, Claudia Alexandrino, Sarah Tanat-Jones

3D Design

Ricard Badia, Mikey Dowdle, Rogan van den Berg, Victor Verdugo, Joe Bichard, Federico Piccirillo, Marcos Fernandes, Milo Targett, Russ Etheridge


Max Halley, Adolfo Mendes, Andreas Maris, Jose Meneses, Dani Nunes, Eleanor Ngai

Senior Accounts Director

Katie Nash-Chu

Head of Production

Georgie Lister-Fell

Senior Producer

Zak Khan, Sophie Neophytou

Production Coordinator

Simona Somma-Mullins

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