An interactive wall packed with hidden delights

Mailchimp asked us to create a huge interactive installation. The goal? To show how email marketing works in a playful way. Challenge accepted!

Case Study Mail Chimp Wall 01

Our pals at Mailchimp launched a playful, creative rebrand that received a ton of industry praise. We loved it – and we had masses of fun working alongside them to bring it to life with character-packed animations. Then, for Collision Conference, we teamed up again.

The base illustrations were printed on fabric, which covered a custom installation with interactive touchpoints. When people tapped them, the animations burst to life through digital 4K projections. We snuck in a few easter eggs for curious conference-goers, like a caterpillar emerging from its nap to turn into a butterfly, and a couple on a swing sharing a secret handshake.

Case Study Mail Chimp Wall 04

Sounds Like These added individual sound design for each character. They also put the icing on the cake: an ambient soundtrack to help you get lost in the experience. Magic!

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