Not like this! Like this! Tiny tips on the basics of animation

One of our earliest ‘play’ projects, Lernz demonstrates the basic dos and don'ts of animation in bitesize nuggets.

As well as being educational, they’re also rather fun. In this first set we explore the basics: from walk cycles to eye movement.

Lernz WALK notlikethis
Lernz WALK 0 00 00 00

We took a tongue-in-cheek approach to the teaching process, showing how to correctly animate the acts of walking, falling, dancing and more in comparison to some terribly animated versions, pulled together with toe-tapping music by David Kamp.


Lernz became quite a sensation among the animation community, originally attracting over 150,000 plays on Vimeo alone. We revisited the series four years later in a sequence of Instagram posts. We were pleased to discover that age hadn't diminished any of their charm!

The Complete Animade Lernz 0 00 00 00
The Complete Animade Lernz 2 0 00 00 00
The Complete Animade Lernz 3 0 00 00 00

Tiny tutorials from London-based Animade to make you smile and enjoy the simple magic of animation.


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