Six rib-tickling idents for a kids TV channel

We worked with design studio Build on this cheery set of teasers for Plus Plus. The family channel is geared towards parents sitting down with their kids to watch TV together, so we wanted the idents to appeal to both.

Originally designed by Edik Katykhin, each of the characters is based on the simplest of shapes: a triangle, a square, a circle... and a kind of baked bean. All of them have big, friendly eyes and expressive mouths, which were an absolute pleasure for us to work with.

Plus Plus Teasers 0 00 58 17
Plus Plus Teasers 0 00 42 15
Plus Plus Teasers 0 00 26 09

We included lots of playful expressions, amped up by the clever sound design provided by Sonica Studios. The contrast between the live-action setting and their 2D animated form added nicely to the absurdity.

With the characters’ pared-back design, we were able to bring out the personality of all the different shapes in a fun, accessible way that we hope makes the grown-ups giggle just as much as the kids.

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